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LCE s.r.l.
Via Sabbioni 7, 38062 Arco (TN)

Telephone +39 0464 514 272
Fax +39 0464 515 938

VAT 02098640226

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genetica multimedia LLC
Integrated Marketing Communication
Zona Produttiva Vurza, 22 39055 Laives (BZ) - Alto Adige - Italia


Integrated Marketing Communication

Settore Automotive
Signal wiring and power wiring for a vehicle, with derivation accessories and protective devices. Internal wiring for camper/caravan cells. Wiring for air-tight containers and for high-temperature ambiences, wiring for gas installations.
Settore Nautica
Assemblage of control panels, wiring for power supply and control of devices and of the engine compartment.
Settore industria
Electromedical equipment,
snow equipment,
mobile home equipment,
connections for machinery, solenoid valves, plumbing systems, and pre-wiring for installation of electrical panels.
Settore civile
Standard 230V power supply,
radio frequancy connections,
telephone plugs,
audio and video connections.